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          Emilver & Linda


          Ivars & Arta


          Lelde & Pēteris



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          Hey, I'm Andis.
          Nice to see you here.

          I’m a firm believer in keeping things simple. No tricks, no gimmicks. Instead, I allow magical moments of timeless nature speak for itself. I document your story organically in the most sincere way where you take the centre stage and shine.

          Linda & Emilver // Riga centre

          Rūta & Lauris // Ķemeru tīrelis

          Lelde & Pēteris // Forest Wedding

          Rita // Andrejsala

          A perfect


          There is a passion and there is an ability to become passionate. And then there are those who can inspire others. Andis has all of these characteristics!

          When it comes to photography the taste before the event, during the event, and after the event is like a perfect cake, thanks to Andis!

          Smile... laughter... positive attitude and being very simple are the secret ingredients of the SPECIAL DAY, and he definitely have all of those with him! So be sure - let him do the work and the result will also amaze you.
          - ARTA & IVARS


          like us

          Andis has the trait to be invisible and provide the documentary style photography yet create an atmosphere for everyone to feel free to be them. In that way he manages not only to be "the third person making a documentary" but also to be inside the moment of true emotions while not interfering . He is easy to work with and a fun guy to spend that adventure of a lifetime that is called "the wedding day" or the day that is meant to be full of surprises and many unexpected situations. He is the person whom you can trust in those situations with the benefit of beautiful memories that are frozen in photos.
          - ANETE & RENĀRS

          Our "family


          Wedding day is one of those days where you truly want to be only with family and close friends. That is why we chose Andis as our photographer, because you always feel like you've known him for a long time and nothing is awkward or weird. Andis knows how to create this magical atmosphere where you forget about the camera and posing, and just focus on the moment.

          His work is clean, professional, he can adapt to every situation and landscape, and he does everything with a sincere smile on his face. And that is the reason why Andis is our "family photographer" for every event imaginable.
          - LELDE & PĒTERIS



          Andis is the photographer, that I always recommend to everybody! In front of him I feel that the camera is not even between us. It's always time well spent and laughter captured.
          - RITA